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[New Orchid Gallery] Beth Rosengard

Artist: Beth Rosengard
Orchid Gallery:

The inspirations for my one-of-a-kind jewelry are gold and gemstones
of every imaginable kind. As I design, I am always looking for
creative ways to frame, embellish, compliment and/or contrast with a
stone or interesting combination of stones.

Most recently, I have been developing a series using textured,
sculptural gold achieved via an old technique called broom-casting:
I pour molten gold over the soaking wet, upturned bristles of a
straw broom. The results vary greatly, but generally echo the
dripping, columnar shapes of stalactites. While some of these
one-of-a-kind castings are usable in their “raw” state, most are
modified, refined and combined until they suit the concept of each
jewelry piece.

I have always worked with colorful gemstones and precious metals,
but the introduction of broom-cast components has taken my work to a
new level where stone and metal have become equal partners in my
designs. I look forward to further explorations of the myriad
possibilities inherent in these techniques and concepts.