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[New Orchid Gallery] Barbara Macleod


Barbara Macleod

I Graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone Art College in 2007 with my
degree B(Des) Hons. I design and create jewellery to be exhibited
all over the country from the remote Highland village of Lochinver.
I was awarded a grant from the Scottish Arts Council to help with
this My jewellery is inspired by rich, decorative patterns and forms
from a bygone era i.e intricate lace work, architectural features,
wallpapers, fabrics. I aim to bring this into a contemporary setting
by adopting modern techniques and processes along with traditional
techniques. So a unique hybrid of vintage and contemporary is
achieved as for a timeless piece of jewellery.

Once I have confirmed a design by experimenting with decorative
forms and components in a 3D modelling package, I create 2D vector
artwork in the programme Illustrator. The shape and pattern created
in this is then fully and/or partially photo etched from sheet
silver. I then have decorative components which I piece togetherand
use a variety of techniques to achieve a final piece, including:
riveting, stone setting, doming, fly pressing. I also use a cold
enamelling technique using quite subtle contemporary colours. This
is like a resin which is painted on and hardens to a very durable
finish. I then sand back and polish.