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[New Orchid Gallery] Antracite Gioielli

Antracite Gioielli
Sergio Antracite Figar
Gorizia, Italy

Orchid Gallery:

To apply the idea of a jewel to the surrounding environment, to
objects and to people was, and still is, a fine play, a nice
travelling mate: sometimes it’s ironic and visionary, sometimes it’s
the guardian of old traditions.

The synergy that is being created between shape and color, is the
real glittering that these jewels bring along with them as a dowry
Passion is not enough, Love is needed primarily so as to make dreams
come true without risking that its halo would be lost. My specialty
has been the “Commesso Mediceo” or “Commesso Fiorentino” (Florentine
mosaic of hard stones) made of stones matched with contemporary
jewels for more than twenty-three years now. The pastel nuances of
lapis lazuli, jaspers and adventurines make up the chromatic
structure of the jewel whereas the opal, with its magic, opens a
window, an eye into the inner self of the artwork.

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