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[New Orchid Gallery] Anne Bulmer Brewer

Anne Bulmer Brewer
Plano, Texsas. USA

Orchid Gallery:

Anne Bulmer Brewer, a lifelong artist and career engineer, is a
relative newcomer to the world of Art Jewelry. Since 2007 she has
been studying and exploring ancient precious metalsmithing
techniques of Asia and the Mediterranean. Aesthetically and
philosophically and Anne’s art explores the world of nature and the
precepts of “Wabi Sabi.”

Anne is inspired by nature’s “perfect imperfection.” Her work
embraces the spirit of nature and the transformation of precious
metal in both and abstract and, sometimes literal, expressions of

Anne’s work is characterized by several ancient techniques:

Keum Boo (Korea),
Hori and Zougan, in particular, Nanako
Granulation (Mesopotania) and

Anne is passionate about employing ancient techniques while
embracing the energy of today’s modern aesthetic to create timeless
expressions of nature in jewelry and art.

“I believe, the truth and meaning of our selves is found in the
celebration of nature. Through nature we can come to understand that
our true beauty is only fully actualized when embracing our

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