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[New Orchid Gallery] Amanda Frazier

Amanda Frazier

The following images are from my MFA thesis show at Arizona State
University. The work addresses the most common interpretations of the
roles women play in cultures from all around the world. These are
personalities that women “put on”, just like they would a garment or
piece of jewelry, not representations of complex individuals. Visual
inspiration for each neck piece and accompanying accessories are
taken from many cultures’ mythologies, history and stories. The
adornment serves as an immediate communicator of the outward persona
of each character. The roles featured in the show are; The Beauty,
The Warrior, The Mother, The Witch, The Seductress, The Wife, The
Priestess/Shaman, The Woman Child, and not yet created- The Queen and
The Hag. The importance of identifying each persona is to recognize
how these expected roles effect our daily lives and how we learn to
understand ourselves and others through them.

Beautiful work Amanda. Where do you plan on taking your talents now
that you have your MFA? I’m wondering how Arizona State connects
students with employment.