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[New Mexico] Seeking work

I have been receiveing updates of the Orchid for quite sometime now,
reading and applying some of the very useful What I
would like at this moment is feedback (never used the questions
section) I moved from Philadelphia to New Mexico, albq…with
Silversmtih/Goldsmith skills (22 yrs) and Diverse multiple office
skills…hopeing first to bench, there is so much in the southwest
to learn. Been here now almost two months, no job and no bench job,
anyone out there care to comment, suggest…??


I am a recruiter in the jewelry industry, helping repair and custom
jewelers find good paying positions. Currently don’t have any
opportunities in New Mexico, but I am working two good positions in
Texas and Oklahoma. I am very happy to offer my help if you are so

Thank you,

Vic Davis
Vic Davis & Associates, Inc.
Springfield, MO

Femii98, It will probably take some time here but keep digging. I
would also encourage you to start making some pieces of your own and
selling them at several available venues. Be sure to look at Indian
Jewelers Supply on San Mateo just south of Indian School Rd. They
occasionally have job postings and similar themes as well as info on
shows in the area. You may have to resort to using your other skills
until you find the Job you’re looking for. I would also suggest
looking at the University of New Mexico in the Fine Arts Dept. for
any kind of networking opportunities. I wish I had something more
concrete to offer but keep looking. Your experience and skills
should serve you well in the area. Also look into the Santa Fe and
Taos areas for contacts. Diligence, hopefully will provide what you
are looking for. Good Luck!!