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New Member Introduction

I have been making fine jewelry for over 48 years using traditional metalworking and casting techniques. Specializing in rings, pendants, and earrings. Most of my time has been spent making custom commissioned pieces using a variety of precious metals and gemstones. Over the decades, I have created a diverse inventory, filling my cases with of one-of-a-kind pieces representing the finest design and craftsmanship. I paid close attention to detail and client input, and had earned a loyal customer base, some of whom have been purchasing my works for as long as I’ve was in business. In 2018 with the change of landlords, I retired and closed my store.

While attending college I worked part time selling jewelry for Millers International, a small manufacturing and retail operation. That’s where I first became interested in learning to make jewelry. My first real hands on exposure was with Max Nixon at the University of Oregon, taking a couple of classes from him.

Shortly after graduating. I apprenticed for three years under a third-generation French jeweler, Frank “Frenchy” Pickman, a highly respected figure in the Portland jewelry industry. Opening my first store in 1977 along with Charles Buchko, located in Portland’s ‘Old Town’ district. Charles Buchko later moved on. My next three storefront locations were in the downtown area, spending the majority of that time on Alder Street. I also during this time, became a registered jeweler with the American Gem Society.

In 2011 my wife and I were fortunate to be able to move our business to a location in Multnomah Village, in South West Portland. It was refreshing to step into an organized small business community after having spent so much time surrounded by skyscrapers, car parks, and office supply stores downtown.

Below you’ll see examples of my work and design.
An album of my work

A wire work ring.pdf (283.8 KB) Amethyest craving.pdf (329.3 KB) emeraldcut dia ring.pdf (95.0 KB) S S Pearl orig.pdf (114.7 KB) garnet two tone and dias.pdf (626.2 KB) Leaves Bracelet.pdf (84.4 KB) sunflower orig.pdf (166.9 KB) S S Pearl orig.pdf (114.7 KB)

I guess I don’t know how to correctly post pictures, Sorry.

Your links came thru just fine sir. I am impressed with your works, very…… My deceased wife, Cynthia Thomas, was a jeweler when we met 30+ years ago when I was an organic farmer. We both changed our areas of work, she started doing bronze sculpture and I learned the ceramic shell foundry and metal working techniques/systems and made her bronzes. She also started doing chalk pastels and then also mixed media along with her bronzes and also became an Art Therapist (used are verses “talk” to help folks get thru/past their problems).

Glad you are on this list and I look forward to hearing comments/ideas from your corner of thought.

Hope all on this list have a terrifically great and prosperous New Year.
John Dach

Welcome to Orchid , I am sure you will learn a lot on this fantastic site.

Ahmed shareek