New material competing Colorit

Hi Everybody

Has any one heard about a new material coming from US. and can be
cured as colorit with blue light but came at a fraction fo a price.
for enamel work.

many thks for every replies

Stuller is carrying U-NAMEL UV CURED ENAMEL SYSTEM. You might like
to checkit out

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

Thanks for the heads up on the U-Namel. I just checked the Video and
it almost looks too good to be true. Has anyone tried it yet? Here
are some questions I have: How long lasting is it? Can it be used on
any kind of metal–eg- sterling silver? Do the colors run unto each
other if they touch one another? How large are surfaces that can be
covered? Can you solderfindings on the back of the piece after it is
u-nameled? Any downsides or caveats in using it? I am sure there are
many other questions that I can’t think of right now. Would love to
know more about it! Maybe the people at Stuller can help us out!

Best Wishes for the New Year to Everyone
Elegant Insects Jewelry

Thanks Andy. looks like that product would work well with sculptural
brooches etc. I think in a few years it will be seen more and more in
the mainstream once jewellers see the visual potential. As a vitreous
enamel person and a sculptor I try to keep an open mind about this
emerging technology. At 65 I wish I had the time to try not only
these colored enamel resins but also 3d printing. It is a good time
to be young and creative.


The metal clay community has been using these colored resins for
years. There are many brands and each has advantages and
disadvantages. Personally I use a number of them, but Pebeo has a
line originally made for glass (Vitrea 160) and one made for
ceramics (Porcelaine 150). Each of these works on metal extremely
well and they have the advantage of being able to be baked in the
oven to permanency, something which other resins lack. We also use
colored UV resins which harden under UV light. Again, using this
product eliminates the need to put a protective coating over the
Colorit or other enamels that aren’t permanent without it.


Interesting product. Would the clear u-namel be a candidate for
protecting oxidized finishes on silver jewelry?


interesting point with colorit was it was possible to heat the color
under protective sun shield to prevent the forming bubles to appear
before applying it to the metal. is it the same with u-namel? thks
best regards


Does anyone know what the nanometer range that the resin in Unamel
cures at? I tried a fast sample and virtually noting cured. I am
wondering if more lights and perhaps a nail cure unit would yield
better results.