New Jewelry Publication

For anyone interested, joining the ranks of the jewelry
superhighway is the birth of a new publication called
"Adornment", a newsletter of Jewelry & related arts". Elyse
Zorn Karlin, author of Jewelry and Metalwork in the Arts and
crafts Tradition" is piloting this project, which should prove
to be an invaluable resource for collectors, dealers,
historians, and jewelers. Elyse is a member of the American
and British Society of Jewelry Historians, editor of the Society
newsletter, (board member), and a lecturer on jewelry, teaching
classes on a number of subjects for the Annual Conference on
Antique & Period jewelry. Features for Adornment list "as:

a… a full 28 pages of editorial stock, published 4 times a year

b… photos in every issue

c… in-depth articles and book, exhibit and lecture reviews
written by experts in the jewelry & related fields

d… complete calendar of jewelry fashion & related arts exhibits

e… Adornment will include jewelry terminology, gemology
auction reports, etc.

f… Subjects will include: ancient jewelry, antique jewelry,
vintage & period jewelry, costume jewelry, religious jewelry,
amulet jewels, designer jewels, studio jewelry, historic
costume, hairstyles throughout history, silver and gold objects,
jade, ivory, enamelwor,k, jewelry manufacturing, beads, hatpins
(whew…!!) and more, I’m sure For further contact

Elyse Zorn Karlin
1333A North Avenue, Box 12
New Rochelle,NY  10804

Charter members receive 4 issues (one year subscription) for
$60, and Charter subscribers will receive a fifth issue free,
and more. a free business card ad. In addition, renewal for a
second year at the same first year rate whether or not
subscription fee increases. " I am really looking forward to this

Gail Selig, G.G., M.Ed.