New Ideas at the Detroit Tool show

Hi You All,


I went to the Detroit Metal Cutting tool show on Wednesday to
look for new ideas that could cross over from other industries
to jewellery applications. I found two interesting ideas.


I went into the Gesswein booth to have a look at the other half
of there business which is geared towards the die makers and die
finishing. They have a lot of stones similar in size to scotch
stones. These stone also have similar cutting quality. The
difference being that there reconstituted and glued to together.
Like scotch stone the break down in use giving the same surface
texture. The other Gesswein catalog contains lot more different
sizes and shapes. There are also different types that do other
jobs but in the same style as the scotch stone. Check it out.
Just ask for there other catalog at Gesswein.


I went by one booth that was sandblasting with baking soda. This
was Arm & Hammer baking soda so I don’t think it was anthing
special. They were able to blast the paint off pop cans without
removing any metal. The same texture as if they had used a fine
sand. I thought this might be a good idea for texturing around
sensitive stones without masking off. What do you guys think? Jim