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New Gemstone Web Site


Whew!Lot of work for Computer newbie but I got it up at: This is a temporary address and will change
in the next few days to My E-mail will also change to
This site has a catalog of faceting,cabachon,carving,beads,chips&tumbling
roughs and some specimens from kid’s stuff to some very fine table pieces.It
also has some entertainment stories and some technical on
treating of stones not in any books.In the next couple of weeks I am going
to add a complete reprint of the U.S. Patent on the treatment of Blue
Topaz,and a copy of
2 Mineral Industry surveys I got from the now closed U.S Bureau of Mines.And
the site now has an up to the minute report on the largest Tourmaline strike
in the history of Brazil.
I really mean to make a nice little shop of it.The roughs are priced by
cuts and by lots.Also,I will try my best to accomadate special orders,even
to a single piece.I will have Visa and Master Charge and add Lap Top so even
when I
am on buying trip can be reached.When comparing my prices to others consider
that I price the roughs by the gram as that is how they are traded.To price
by the carat makes it seem less.5cts to a gram.And all are hosestly
described,I cobb the materials here and even can give exact locations of
origin for almost all.
I hope to make friends as well as clients.So please let me know what you
think of the site and even if you just want to talk rocks,E-mail me.


                               Mark Liccini