[New Gallery] Sumner Silverman

Artist: Sumner Silverman
Email: szs@comcast.net
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/sumner.htm

In this culture, unlike many, we do not have the custom of holding
objects for pleasure or as part of meditation. Objects that rest
easily in the hand are very satisfying - especially those made of
precious materials and used in a ritualized fashion.

In looking for a culturally relevant object that might spend some
time in the hand of the user, I thought of the cigar holder. Of
course, you can easily find those small black plastic mouthpieces or
slightly better ones made out of plain turned wood, but it’s much
more difficult to find a cigar holder that is of heirloom quality. I
sought to change all that.

I came up with the idea of making cigar holders because I wanted to
make pieces that were based purely on form-related ideas, and not
something that would be hung or wrapped around a part of the body.

My pieces are all made out of centuries or millennia-old ivory or
fine briarwood. They are inlaid with 24-karat gold, platinum, and
The gemstones are all backed with platinum to reflect
back as much brilliance of the stone as possible. They each take
about a month and a half to complete.