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[New Gallery] Lotta Osterholm - Neckpiece in knitted Gold and Palladium wire

Artist: Lotta Osterholm
Orchid Gallery:

The method of fabrication I used for this neckpiece is known
as peg knitting, a technique stemming from ancient Greece.
Gold wire was knitted over a circle of pegs to give the
tubular knitted form and Palladium wire was used to provide
an element of contrast.

	 Jewellery by Lotta Osterholm 

Researching into older and more unusual forms of jewellery is a
passion of mine as well as a primary source of inspiration for
me. My heritage is Swedish and we are renowned for our “clean
and simple” design which I utilise to modify my inspirational
sources into my own design pieces. My favourite pieces are done
in Mokume-gane, a beautiful metalsmithing technique from Japan,
examples of which can be viewed on my Web Site

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