[New Gallery] Laura Hiserote - Micromosaic

Artist: Laura Hiserote
Email: hiserote@pacifier.com
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/laura.htm

The “California Poppy” is the only existing example of authentic
micromosaic in the world today. The micromosaic is 2.1
centimeters in diameter, about the size of an American nickel,
and has 4,040 individual tessera. This, my first piece, is
currently on loan to The Gilbert Collection, the finest and
largest collection of micromosaic in the world. I have studied
and experimented for three years to revive this miraculous lost
art and it all started because I wanted to add more color to my
metal work.

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“California Poppy” is one impressive piece of work. I have all
sorts of questions to ask about it: I guess the simplest way
would be to ask: HOW DO YOU DO IT? Do you work with magnifiers
and micro-tools? Do you fabricate your own tessera from
scratch?What coloring agents and adhesives are used? After 4040
individual pieces, do you still have eyes left? And once
construction started, how long did it take to complete? I have a
hunch a lot of other Orchidians are equally curious. >D<