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[New Gallery] Kimberly Starbard


Artist: Kimberly Starbard
Orchid Gallery:

My name is Kim Starbard and I operate as Cove Beads.

My work is mainly in off-loom beadweaving Using a needle and thread,
I stitch tiny beads together in various shapes and designs. The
earrings pictured are made using tiny, gold-plated glass beads woven
together in a beaded leaf fringe with quartz drops. The work itself
is very tedious and can only be done under a powerful magnifier.
Though difficult, it is also very relaxing and almost meditative. I
have been beading for about six years and recently have decided to
expand my skills and attempt to form what I can learn into an
ongoing career. I have begun to teach locally in Guilford,
Connecticut and am marketing myself through galleries and art/craft
shows in the Northeastern United States.

Though the work I do is painstaking, I enjoy it greatly. The pieces
speak very much of my own personal style, which is organic and
"earthy". I love that the pieces are different each time and are so
unique. They are a wonderful way for me to express how I feel and
who I am. I hope to always be able to create on some level. It is an
outlet that I don’t really think I can do without. Thank you for
stopping to look at my work.