[New Gallery] Julia Potts

Artist: Julia Potts
Email: justine093@ceinetworks.com
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.com/orchid/potts.htm

My name is Julia Potts and I am a second generation jeweler. I have
been a jeweler for 15 years. All of my work is hand-fabricated from
a variety of gold colors. I am inspired by designs in antiquity and
nature. Many times I will build a piece around the inspiration of
the stone. I use alot of agates to “paint” backgrounds for pictures
in gold. I also occasionally carve in softer stones like tourqouise,
amber and jet to add addtional beauty to my creationsl. I have
recently started my own studio and am looking forward to many years
of creating!

This piece is a hand-fabricated slide using an agate and
yellow, rose and white gold. A piece like this is inspired by
the agate itself and the rest of the work is centered around
the stone.

“Jet Horse”
Hand carved yellow gold horse in a handfabricated whit gold
bezel. The horses mane is jet that was also carved by hand by
the artist.

“Cross Knot”
this is a hand fabricated wedding band with a eternal knot
hand cut out of yellow gold set with a white gold base and