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[New Gallery] Jewelry by Katherine Palochak

Artist: Katherine Palochak
Orchid Gallery:

I really enjoyed putting this gallery online, Great designs and great
picture taken by Amy O’Connell Dont Miss it!


  1. Pin/pendant in sterling, embossed from etched plate, drusy crystal,
    natural black tourmaline crystal.

  2. Post earrings in repoussed sterling, diamond-cut pattern, amethysts.

  3. Post earrings in embossed sterling, with 24 kt. keum-boo
    application, weaving, iridescent patina.

  4. Embossed sterling pin with garnet.

  5. Post earrings of embossed sterling with 24 kt. gold keum-boo
    application, iridescent patina.

  6. Brooch in repousse sterling with iridescent patina.

  7. Pendant in sterling of tufa castings, Wyoming olive nephrite jade,
    peridots and pink mother-of-pearl.

  8. Bracelet of torch textured sterling, 24 kt. keum-boo application,
    amethyst, iridescent patina.

  9. Sterling ring with off-set natural lapis lazuli.

  10. Three piece collar necklace is sterling, in traditional Hopi-style
    overlay, hand made chain, stabilized spiderweb Persian turquoise.
    The step patterns represent the “stairway to heaven” for souls to
    ascend, the swirls are the sacred winds, the fine lines represent

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