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[New Gallery] Jenifer Eustis

Artist: Jenifer Eustis
Orchid Gallery:

For 14 years I have been creating Jewelry and Mixed Media Artwork.
My styles and techniques have developed and changed dramatically
over the years.

I have been heavily influenced by the organic textures of nature and
also the heavy look of machinery. Although it does not show in most
of my work, I am greatly inspired by mid century furniture design. I
believe that in my designs, I take a bit of inspiration from each of
these things to create a piece uniquely my own.


Sterling Silver, Labradorite and Swiss blue Topaz

Sterling Silver, Paua Shell & Pearls

"Nana’s Best"
Sterling Silver, Vintage Button

"Mother Ship"
Sterling Silver, Black Star Diopside

"Ancient Disk"
Sterling Silver & Garnet