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[New Gallery] James Miller - Part 3

Artist: James Miller
Orchid Gallery:

I am a master goldsmith based in Surrey, England. I have been a
working goldsmith for 43 years now. I served a six year
apprenticeship under a master goldsmith and before setting up my own
company “James Miller Design” back in 1985, I worked in London for a
company making items for Asprey and Garrard. My work is varied and
draws inspiration from flora and fauna using techniques of
manufacture that have changed very little over the centuries. I work
mainly in 18K gold and silver using hard fired enamels to add colour
to my pieces. I mostly work to commission so each piece can be
unique to the customer.

7" diameter rock crystal bowls, 18K gold piercings and
flowers, two 18K gold plique a-jour winged butterflies,
guilloche enameled silver base and central support, with three
conical guilloche enameled vases between each bowl. The bowls
are cradled in 18K gold piercings. 16" tall

A fruit bowl - 18K white gold pierced and enameled base, the
bowl is set off centre and is surrounded by a spray of 18K
gold enameled flowers set with diamonds. 16" diameter

Flower - 18K gold single rose, with diamonds on the petal
edges to appear as morning frost, set in a rock crystal vase
with trailing ivy leaves. 10" tall

Pair of fruit bowls - the bowls are of carved amethyst and the
stands are 18K gold piercings over enameled silver, the central
piecings on the spheres are set with diamonds. 14" tall

Lily of the Valley - 18K colored golds with pearls and diamond
settings as blooms, the leaves are enameled and the whole is
set in a unique hand blown vase - 9" tall

Pot-Pourri bowl - cradled by enameled poppies and ivy leaves,
18K gold and silver 10" tall

More of James Miller’s work can be found at:


Hello James,

Absolutely awe-inspiring work. I’m dumb-struck.

Judy in Kansas

Dear James,

I wanted to say that I have been thoroughly enchanted by your work.
I’ve only ever seen work that I could happily sit marveling at for
days on end one other time in my life, when I was fortunate enough to
see King Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus and other Ancient Egyptian metal
works at a museum when I was 11 years old. Your work is breathtaking
to behold and I would almost trade my first-born for one of your
flowers. :slight_smile:

Carrie Otterson
Carrie Otterson Designs

I have never in my life experienced the pleasure of seeing such
beautiful objets d’ art as Mr. Miller produces. Such mastery of
materials and technique, along with artistic expression is rarely
seen… anywhere!

Thank you for sharing.
Gail Meyer