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[New Gallery] Irene vanEepoel aka Ive

Artist: Irene vanEepoel
Orchid Gallery:

Great gallery of one of our better known members, Irene vanEepoel aka
Ive. She is sharing with us 6 of her creations:

Ive cut bullet of delightfully gemmy rhodonite set with ruby in Ive
fabricated collar with another ruby and asymmetrical balanced side
bails; rhodonite bead double strands. it hangs perfectly balanced
when worn.

Ive cut and polished variscite (turquoise cousin) with prong set
garnets in Ive fabricated setting on Ive’s venture into hand woven
chain field.

Ive cut, carved and polished ‘deco lady’ with diamond earring and
holding Ive cut opal; bottom plate with graduated Ive cut opals; Ive
fabricated setting.

Ive cut and polished purple fire labradorite semicircle and oval
cabs with polygon faceted amethysts set into Ive fabricated sterling
pendant on signature neckpiece.

Ive carved fossil ivory face with zircon eyes, amethyst, diamond and
zircon hair; Ive fabricated shield pendant of woven sterling with
prong set zircons carried by Ive signature neckpiece.

Ive carved fossil ivory face with blue topaz eyes routed into Ive
cut and polished red crazylace agate tongue set with zircons and
ruby; Ive fabricated sterling setting.

The Orchid Gallery is the visual front of the Orchid list. It is
here where we show each other with our creations. Send us your
entry as an Email attachment to [Lapidary,
gem cutters and gem carvers are also welcome to participate!]

Enjoyed your jewelry, Ive. Many talents you have. What area does
purple fire labradorite come from? Rose Alene McArthur

ive, love your gorgeous work! You are doubly talented as a
craftsperson - metal work and stone cutting. Just call me a
"groupie." Judy in Kansas

rose - running late in getting my email - that piece came from
madagascar; it’s always the fantastic pieces of rough that come in
small amounts! barely enough to do the 2 for the neckpiece - thanks
for kind words - they came at an opportune time …