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[New Gallery] Gareth Eckley

Artist: Gareth Eckley
Orchid Gallery:

Cameo Portraits were very popular in Europe in the 16th century. I
want to bring these jewels into the 21st century, with a fresh,
modern design, innovative carving style and bold use of materials.

My goal is to create life in my carvings with a level of realism
that moves people emotionally and is unmatched by others.When I
carve a portrait I feel that I invest part of myself into the stone.
I love the moment when the Cameo comes to life before my eyes. I
find it exciting to see the character and personality of the person
captured in a gemstone. People have been deeply moved when they
first see their own image as a Portrait Cameo.

I usually work from photographs for the Cameo Portrait. Send me
yourfavorite photographs of the subject for the cameo portrait.
Digital images can be emailed, while printed photos can be sent by
mail. I can arrange a personal visit if required, where I will take
a series of photographs and show examples of my work.

I prepare an estimate that clearly shows how the cameo would look at
different sizes, shapes and gemstone types. The cameo portrait will
be set in a Gold, Silver or Platinum frame that can be accented with
diamonds. The final quote will include the cost of the cameo and the
metal frame. A price range is offered with a number of options to
choose from.