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[New Gallery] David L. Smith

Artist: David L. Smith
Orchid Gallery:

Earrings Bracelet Red Woodward Ranch Agate

I collected the red moss agate used in this bracelet and
earring set from the famous Woodward Ranch located 21 miles
south of Alpine in Brewster County in the Big Bend of Western
Texas, USA. I then cut the cabochons and hand fabricated the
settings, including the box clasp from sterling silver stock.
The safety chain and spring ring are machine made.

Pendant Dino Bone

I collected this petrified dinosaur bone from a low grade coal
deposit situated in the Upper Cretaceous strata and located
near Terlingua in Brewster County in the Big Bend of Western
Texas. This is an unusual material insofar as it is not a
typical Quartz replacement fossil but is rather a Carbonate
replacement fossil. I cut the cabochon from the colected
material and hand fabricated the setting from sterling silver

Pendant Spider and Fly Four

The Dominican Amber used in this piece was purchased. A spider
and a fly are included within this Amber cabochon. The Amber
is thought to be around 25 million years old and the design
for the leaves surrounding the setting are inspired by a
fossil fern from around that same period. The Garnets and silk
braid used in this piece were also purchased. I hand
fabricated the setting from sterling and fine silver stock.

Hello David Smith,

Really wonderful work. I especially enjoyed the about
the stones and admire your ability to both cut the stones and set

Judy in Kansas