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[New Gallery] Cynthia Downs - Soumak Work

Artist: Cynthia Downs
Orchid Gallery:

My connection to nature is more than simply observing its beauty.
Experiencing the natural wonders of the desert has heightened all of
my senses and stirs something deep within my soul. The enchantment of
my surroundings, along with my personal journey, plays an integral
part in my design process.

Since texture has always fascinated me, integrating textile methods
with traditional metalsmithing techniques became a natural choice for
me to transform my designs into reality. Weaving and shaping silver
and gold has become for me a meditative and peaceful journey. Using
my torch and dancing the flame as I solder, taps into my primitive
fascination with fire, which is both joyful and magical. Each time
an idea develops into an actual object, it reconfirms my passion.
With each experience, I hope to widen my boundaries for my next

The Orchid Gallery is the visual front of the Orchid list. It is
here where we show each other with our creations. Send us your
entry as an Email attachment to @Service [Lapidary,
gem cutters and gem carvers are also welcome to participate!]