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[New Gallery] Charles Lewton-Brain

Artist: Charles Lewton-Brain
Orchid Gallery:

Charles Lewton-Brain - The Gallery

Charles Lewton-Brain studied and worked in Europe and North
America. He lectures and publishes in a number of countries on his
research into rapid methods of manipulating metal and it’s surface
for artistic and manufacturing reasons. He has taught at the
Alberta College of Art and Design since 1986 as well as writing,
exhibiting and working in his studio. He is known internationally
for inventing Fold-Forming, an original system of working sheet
metal using simple tools that is a new way of working metal. He and
his partner Dee Fontans opened The Lewton-Brain/Fontans Centre for
Jewellery Studies in 1991 in Calgary where they teach jewellery
making, exhibit innovative work from elsewhere in Canada and offer
on contemporary art jewellery. In 1994 he founded Brain
Press to publish ‘Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop’, a book of
inexpensive tool options and bench tricks for goldsmiths. Other
books include ‘Small Scale Photography’ and ‘Hinges and Hinge-Based
Catches for Jewellers and Goldsmiths’. 1996 brought the
collaboration with Dr. Hanuman Aspler a Over 500
pages of his writing on jewelry techniques is at:

o I make glasses, these provide donuts of reality around stereo
fisheye vision. (model: Dee Fontans)

o Pin, sterling, 18 k gold doublee, 24k gold, moonstones, 12 cm long

o Pin, sterling, 18k gold doublee, sterling, 24k gold, aquamarine,
garnet, 8.5 cm long

o Pin, sterling, 18K doublee, 24k gold, moonstone, B046, 7x2.2cm

o Pin, copper, resist plating in nickel, silver, gold, construction
with stelring, aluminum. @8 cm high.

o ‘Concrete Telephone’, cement, Nortel® Vista 350 telephone, fully
functional, 26" high.

Brain Press
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada
Tel: 403-263-3955 Fax: 403-283-9053 Email:

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