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[New Gallery] Candy - Fishes & Fun

Artist: Candy
Orchid Gallery:

My fish are fun, usually heavy & large, (salmon & trout are almost
3") to be worn on a coat. Again I like mixing metals. I cut the
stones. I really enjoy working with Petrified palm & dino bone.

If you ain’t been to
Then you ain’t had
enough fun yet!

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All; Here I am watching in real time the process of inspiration and
design inception and derivation that I mentioned in a posting a
month or so ago! Candys fish in her gallery site slapped my eyes
open to seeing agates in a different way and the possibilities of
design inherent in the shape of fish. I have filled three sketch
book pages with ideas in the last hour. And this from a 30+ year
veteran! And none of these bear but the slightest resemblance to
Candys work.

I won’t live long enough to fit more than a handful of these amongst
the million other ideas, and one of the sadnesses in my life is that
I will never be able to mine out even one of these veins of
inspiration that I’ve stumbled on. I’m sure that there is truth at
the bottom of any of these veins. And I’ll probably never see it.

And, we are watching a demonstration of the “art” in jewelery whose
existence we argue.

  1. Candys conveyance, in a stroke, to us of a new world of looking
    at things is certainly the essence of art

A. It demonstrates the act of “seeing” something in an unusual way
or context.

B. The communication of that observation in an accurate way is what
makes art different from contemplation.

C. The generation of further “seeing” in an observer is the wonder
of art and the reason we cherish it.

For all this to happen both Candy and I have had to be in a
psychological state of openness to inspiration that probably has
some semblance to the states that people seek in meditation of any
form. And this is the true goal of those that seek to be artists, I
think. All this with a damned rock and a little bit of silver!

But it demonstrates, I think, the notion that every piece we do is
at least to some degree derivative and that there are many more
design ideas out “there” than any of us will ever get around to
using well. I should probably make a few apologies and
appreciations. First to the Orchid readers for putting up with a
stream of consciousness that could sure use some refinement. Second
to Candy, whom I’ve never met, for publicly involving her in an
inherently intimate exchange of which she knew nothing. And, again,
to the Orchid members that have read this, for taking the discussion
off the tools, materials, techniques and tips where we are all
comfortable into an arena that some have no interest at all in
being. Thank You


Dear Tom -

I was excited to hear of the inspiration you derived from Cand’s
Fish & Fun. I would love to visit it myself. How about a repeat of
the site address?

Thanks - Nan

The address is