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[New Gallery] Bernard Rosenberg - Showcase

Artist: Bernard Rosenberg - Showcase
Orchid Gallery: http://www.ganoksin.orchid/brd.htm

"My name is Bernard Rosenberg and I was born in Manhattan Island
on Aug 1938.

I come from a family of jewelers.

My farther use to create costume jewelry in Cuba during 1920=92s .
This kept him alive until he was able to imiragte to the United

My Uncle was a fine jeweler on Maiden Lane in New York City who
dealt with the Wall Street boys. His firm was called “LeCount &

My aunt worked as the head of the Executive department in

I hope that my jewelry designs speak for themselves, tell a story
or show brilliance, strength, beauty, and rhythm. I feel that my
designs are basic and simple, yet hold an enduring quality. "

In my jewelry, I strive to create movement and a three
dimensional effect. Such as Tiffany=92s Fireworks series of pins or
brooches. In a way they have inspired me. My third design is a
going to be a Nebular, called “The Noel Nebular” set with Red
Spinels and Tsavorite Garnets. A round circle with six arms
twisted inward coming off it, paved with stones on the top of
the arms and possibly both edges. Three of the six arms would be
below or higher than the next one to it.

The Orchid Gallery is the visual front of the Orchid list. It is
here where we show each other with our creations. Send us your
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