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New Fluorescent Calcite

Well I am back from vacation now and have posted more detailed
on the special fluorescent calcites from the 5th
Level Pascal Shaft, Kelly Mine, Magdalena, New Mexico. These
specimens were collected back in the 1950’s by the late field
collector and geologist Chris Christensen of Colorado. These are
one of a kind specimens.

The specimens range in price from $10 to $120 with the average
about $40. There are very few large matrix pieces and many
smaller matrix pieces. All of the calcite crystals are very sharp
and mostly double terminated. They fluoresce a bright orange
(ORANGE) under both SW and/or LW ultraviolet exposure. Truly
unique for fluorescent minerals on matrix.

Please feel free to check out the updated inforamtion for these
unique specimens. There are a total of only about 50 specimens so
dont miss out if you are a fluorescent collector.

Walter Mroch

Walter Mroch


Gem and Mineral Exploration Company
4141 Ball Road #373
Cypress, CA 90630