New flex shaft not turning

Hi all,

I haven’t posted to Orchid before, although I have consulted the
archives frequently.

I have a question I can’t find an answer to. I have a brand new flex
shaft that I plugged in and tried tonight. When I first put my foot
on the pedal (slowly) I heard a click and then a noise as if
something was vibrating. It doesn’t sound at all like my very old
flex shaft. When I look at the ventilation holes in the bottom of the
motor housing I see a smooth metal rod that appears to be blocking
the motor from turning. I am wondering if this could be a simple
thing to fix, or should I just send it back? I hesitate to open the
motor housing. It is a Foredom TX, from Rio Grande. I did plan to use
it in a workshop I’m teaching this weekend, but my old one is still
functioning fine.

Judith Hoffman

Hi Judith,

I’m sorry to hear that your TX is not working. This concerns me as
we test all of our machines prior to shipping. It sounds like
something either got lodged in your motor through a vent or came
loose. Please send it back to Foredom at my attention for a warranty
repair or replacement. If you have any questions you can call me
directly at 800-441-0625 or email me at @Mike_Zagielski

Mike Zagielski,
Foredom Sales Manager