[New Feature] The Jeweler's Selected Bibliography

Dear Orchid:

For the past month, we have been working on a project which I
strongly believed would make Ganoksin more accessible to the gem and
jewelry audience world wide.

You received a request asking for your favorite books, and we were
happily inundated with book titles and authors. Thank you!

We are pleased to announce the newest Ganoksin feature - The
Jeweler’s Selected Bibliography pages.

Based on your book recommendations, we have compiled an extensive
bibliography of books covering a broad range of gem and jewelry

Now you will have the opportunity to browse our list of Orchid
recommended titles, make your selections, and have your order
transferred seamlessly from Ganoksin to Amazon.com.

Instead of exhaustive searches through Amazon’s vast offerings, your
recommendations have now been compiled into one place, including a
substantive index for easy navigation. An added feature displays
relevant articles from the libraries of Orchid which are shown with
your book selections.

To learn more
Please visit http://www.ganoksin.com/jewelry-books

For a better Orchid,