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[New Brunwsick, Canada] Oxygen Reclassification


I’ve bee to the local Craft Fair in Fredericton lately and I hear
that Bejewelled had to pay $20,000 for her torch set up, that her
studio is acting as a test site for some new regulations that are
being looked into. Does anyone know what this may entail, and is it
only a New Brunswick thing, or Canada-wide? I wonder if they’re
simply trying to push small studios out of the market due to
adminstrative boredom. That they’ve already changed Oxygen to Medical
grade only (something about any of the connectors etcetera not being
allowed to be touched by hand, that there’s only person qualified to
install the system in the Province, maybe the region. I’m worried
about how things are going. I could always replace my
oxygen-acetelene torch. I like doing vessel (raising) and finicky
small construction, and will grow to a casting assembly before long,
(also I find myself working in steel for making tools and the odd
sculpture as well) and any advise on alternative to Oxygen to meet
my needs would be appreciated.

K. David Woolley
Bachelors of Applied Arts