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[New Book] Contemporary Enameling: Art And Techniques


Contemporary Enameling: Art And Techniques - By Lilyan Bachrach,
author of “Enameling with Professionals”, now out of print

Lilyan Bachrach, a professional enamelist since 1970 producing
Bachrach Art Enamels, has included texts that are only written by
the enamelists from their own experience=85you will read what you
would have learned if you took their workshops or classes. She
edited all the texts after asking many questions to cover all
details of the explanations. Lilyan received the Enamelist Society’s
2005 Woodrow Carpenter award “established to honor those who are
presently working to benefit the world of enameling”.

This new book, a limited, hard cover, enlarged edition of Enameling
with Professionals in 192 pages, 81/2"x11", with eleven new texts
and over 350 color photos by 88 enamelists is selling for only

34 experienced enamelists share their specialized knowledge for
using the enameling techniques of choisonne, plique-a-jour,
champleve and other techniques on copper, silver, gold, steel,
foils, mesh and metal clay to make jewelry, vessels, portraits,
plaques, and other items.

Texts by : Lilyan Bachrach, Sandra Bradshaw, Woodrow Carpenter,
Alana Clearlake, Linda Crawford, Erica Druin, P Alexa Foley, Edward
Friedman, Falcher Fusager, Jenny Gore, Stewart Grice, Jan Harrell,
Marianne Hunter, June Jasen, Jean Foster Jenkins, John Killmaster,
Audrey Komrad, Sandra Kravitz, Ora Kuller, Margaret Langdell,
Deborah Lozier, Richard McMullen, Sarah Perkins, Merry-Lee Rae,
Michele Raney, June Scharcz, Stell Shevis, Averill Shepps, Marian
Slepian, Judy Stone, Mona Szabados, JoAnn Tanzer, Joseph Trippetti,
Jean Vormelker, Ginny Whitney.

Gallery: Barbara Altstadt, Jan Baum, Marleen Berg, Mirthese
Bernardes, Maria Carvalyho, Kate Cathey, Tzu-ju Chen, Karen Cohen,
Nicoelle Cohen, Cynthia Corio-Poi, Yvonne Cupolo, Marilyn Druin, Dee
Fontans, Jaime Frechette, David Freda, Cid Freitas, Leni Fuhrman,
Marie Giaquinto, Nancy Goodenough, Lisa Hawthorne, Linda Hoffman,
Sarah Hood, Oriana Jara, Vivian Kline, Kate Klingensmith, Susan
Knopp, Christina Lemon, Charles Lewton-Brain, Karla Maxwell, MELS,
Renee Menard, Taweesak Molsawat, Kathryn Osgood, Debbie Parent,
Natalya Pinchuk, Mary Raymond, merry renk, Mary Reynolds, D.X.Ross,
Sharon Schaffner, Sydney Scherr, Antonia Schwed, Debbie Sheezel,
Kristin Shiga, Helen Shirk, Koranna Spurgeon, Leila Tai, Noella
Trippetti, Veleta Vancza, Emily Watson, Debbie Wetmore, Kay
Whitcomb, Katherine Wood, Sally Wright.

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