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New: Big Ol' Blog Post About Pancake Dies

Whew…that was a lot of work !

Enjoy, or whatever :grinning::nerd_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks, Dar.

I was hoping you’d write up something about this. It helps me understand a bit more about the whole process.


I’m glad to be of service !
it felt like something that needed to be done; a detailed overview.

I talked to someone a couple of weeks ago who said
they’d heard that I was no longer making dies for people !
That may have been due to my web person not putting up
a re-direct when they changed my site about 2 years ago,
but sheesh, that was a shock to hear !

Dar :sunglasses::nerd_face:

hope u got my message about making me sand dallar dies

Not yet , because I have not been coming here , but I have sent you my email in another reply to you here on G.


Things have changed A LOT in almost a year !
I went back to the dreaded Facebook, but not
goofing around this time. I became a “cult leader”
and people are keeping me hopping ! I haven’t
slowed down to catch my breath since then. Biz
was not great when I wrote the piece in the OP.