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New bifocal satey glasses


BlankGreetings all, I just received my pair of bi focal safety
glasses, and I don’t know how I survived with out them. I have been
using regulator reading glasses and forgetting to put on the safety
glasses over them for 15 years. Unless something was inherently
dangerous I would forget to put them on. This past week thom, I’ve
adjusted to the bi focal part pretty well, and with clear lenses
above the magnification part, my eyes can go back to normal for a
minute, WITHOUT trying to bend my head down to see over them! I am
actually holding my head more upward and looking down thru
magnification, which really is a switch. Here is just two website
selling these, I think brand new items. here’s to better posture!

Thomas Blair CBJ* Island Gold Works Hilton Head Island SC @Island_Gold_Works
*Jewelers of America Certified Bench Jeweler