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New bench for sales floor work

I’m putting a bench out in view of customers to feature in house
hand engraving and setting. After recently attending a GRS hand
engraving class, I’m going to do this work in view of our customers
and want a great looking bench for under $1000. Those solid oak wide
jewelers benches are only for the rich and famous…

I received a great post card about two years ago of a superb metal
veneer top and corian boardered wood jewelers bench with drawers and
I cannot remember nor find the advertisement.

Does anyone know or have this type of bench? I’ve checked the
catalogs of all the major and some minor supply houses and cannot
find this bench. I remember it selling for from $700-800.

Sterling VanDerwerker CG (AGS) GG (GIA)
Royal Diadem Jewelers

Hi Sterling

I’ve seen two I think, not sure if its what you want Rio Grande (of
Course) And Borel

David Geller

I remember seeing a similar bench at the MJSA show in NY a few years
ago. I believe that Progress Tools out of LA had it but I’m not 100%
sure about that. I did see one from Stuller advertised in the JCK
Tucson how guide this past Feb. that looked very nice, though I don’t
know the price, you might check there web site.

Good luck. Tim