New Approach School Setting Video

Has anyone purchased this video ($179) from New Approach School for
Jewelers? I wonder if it’s worth the lofty price. Sure wish I had
the opportunity to sit beside a bench jeweler to learn setting
techniques, as self-teaching through the internet, books, etc. can be
difficult and time consuming! Waaa! Also, until I can afford to work
in gold, I am working in silver. However, I recently decided that
using gold for mounting large colored stones would make them more
secure (as opposed to prong settings fabricated in silver, which is
what I am doing now). However, when I checked a few of the major
suppliers for settings, I was shocked at the cost. Sixty dollars for
a single 10X8 oval setting seems excessive to me, but what do I know?
Is this average? Thanks for any input.

Cathy Flory

Yes that is average. Gold prices are expensive. Look at the weight
of the piece and see how many grams it is… that’s why so much
stuff is put into silver. Gold properties make it a much better item
for regular wear though (other than it’s a bit soft), and holds a
better value.

Often pictures lie. I’ve seen people blanch at settings because they
are a couple hundred dollars and say things like ‘on xyz television
this setting is $49.99!’, and my response is always the same ‘did
you see the piece in person or on tv?’ because on TV the piece
ALWAYS looks bigger, heavier, and better fabricated until you hold
in your hand and realize it’s thin, weightless, and would melt on
your stove top if left too long… (ok not really but it seems like
it would)…

Starting in silver is a good idea though.

Also, I’ve never seen the video, sorry.


I have to say that I have not purchased the video but I should. I
have seen it at the Catalog in Motion show that Rio puts on every
year here in Tucson. That video is worth the money, no question,
Blaine Lewis is a master not only of setting but of teaching setting.
I’m sure his school uses the video because the animations can more
clearly show what is happening and needs to happen than watching in

Sam Patania, Tucson

My wife bought me this video last year for Xmas. It’s wonderful. I
learned a ton. Look at it this way-- if it saves you from breaking
just one stone, it’s already paid for. Definately worth the money

Stanley Bright
A&M Jewelers

Sixty dollars for a single 10X8 oval setting seems excessive to me

me too, unless its a heavy duty piece. Are you looking at a triple
keyed index?

I may catch some flak for this but…for the most part the basics of
what you want to learn is out there, books, video, whatever. While
first hand instruction is the best, if its not available to you go
with what is available. Just keep working and scrutinizing what you
do. Really, its not rocket science. But it takes repetition and an
awareness of the dynamics involved when you put tool to metal.

Someone here recently, and forgive me for forgetting who…suggested
it would be helpful to have a board for posting in-progress work, for
feedback and advice… A Capital Idea! Short of that, I’ll bet any
number of jewelers here would be happy to assist you. I certainly

I have watched the new approach videos and they are excellent. I
think the best way to learn if you can not go there is by watching
the videos over and over. if you can goto his setting class it is



You didn’t mention what catalogs you were looking at nor just which
kind of oval prong settings you needed, but Rio has 14ky 10X8
settings in the $30 to $40 range. Stuller for a good bit less.

Jerry in Kodiak

I have Blaines video. Excellent. The animation everyone speaks about
is great. You get to see the bur cutting the seat as if you were
sitting in the seat of the bezel or prong, inches away from the bur.
You see the chips fly as the seat is cut.


Go to this link and see a 15.21min sample.

David Geller

David Geller
510 Sutters Point
Sandy Springs, GA. 30328
(404) 255-9565

Quick comment about saw it on TV. The producers have a lens which
goes on the video camera that puts a ton of “hits” on the jewelry.
With that lens you could make a flat object sparkly.