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Net-Shape Casting?


It would be helpful if someone could define “net-shape casting” for
me. I have seen the term used in a metal website and I dont
understand what it means.

Thank you for your help.


I just pulled this from a website:

  Near net shape casting is the process of casting metal to a
  form close to that required for the finished product. Less
  machining is then required to finish the part, thus the term
  near net shape. 

There’s probably a better explanation (well more full) but there you

Zoe Hardisty

It would be helpful if someone could define "net-shape casting" for
me. I have seen the term used in a metal website and I dont
understand what it means. 

It means that no machining or other secondary operations are
required to have a finished object. Almost all lost wax cast items
are net shape castings.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts




Far easier to understand when one knows what “net” represents. Yup,
bottom line, not the fabric.



Net shape casting is a term used frequently in industrial casting
applications and refers to the casting of a geometry without the
need to machine features post cast. Investment casting is the best
method in this regard (as compared to sand or die) as it is better at
creating complex geometries. In the jewelry industry you don’t
frequently hear the term, but it would translate into having, for
example, all of the setting holes cast regardless of depth through
the use of cores. Casting as close to net shape as possible is always
the goal as it minimizes touch time and metal loss in particular.

Teresa Frye
TechForm Advanced Casting Technology


Thank you all for you help with my question about net shape casting.
I find that everyone on the Internet that is serious about their art
are very open and sharing with knowledge.

The reason I was asking about net shape casting was because I
stumbled on a website called Liquid metal that seems to be a process
that I want to use in my tile production . Check on it and see what
you think …it looks very interesting to me and it might be of
interest to other artists

My interest in it is to produce a line of bronze / metal like tile
to add to our line

Richard Surving