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Nest's Humming Bird Pendant

I finally finished the third and last piece of jewellery for an
interactive sculpture I have been working on for most of this year.

Small warning, this blog post is long.

Check out



Your work is stunning! Thank you for showing the step by step

I found the dark silhouette with the tangerine background a positive
emotional contrast. I found your comments on the size of the
hummingbird’s tummy educational because I have watched hummingbirds
for years both at home on the East coast and in winter quarters in
Arizona; it never occurred to me to evaluate this tiny difference. I
will check this out next time I have the privilege of observing these
wonderful little creatures. Thank you for sharing.


Holy Hel, dude!

You are the best kind of crazy- that piece is amazing! As are the
rest of the pieces of the project. I can’t wait to see a picture of
the whole thing put together.

Artist, Metalsmith, Chaos Magnet

I put a comment on your message board, but here is much better. it
can be seen by all.

"Two words…“Utterly Fantastic”!! I relished the progression from a
drawing, to its final stages. I personally know how long a project
can take from an idea to the finished & completed work of Art. so
glad you shared this with all of ‘us’. You do have a skill.

Gerry Lewy

Absolutely awesome! I really enjoying seeing your design process,
and how open you are to throwing out things that don’t work. that is
so helpful to see…

This is a stunning set!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


Just stunning. I appreciated you taking the time to photograph and
then share the steps of creation. Seeing the discards is just as
illuminating as seeing all the “keepers.” Judy in Kansas, who canned 7
pints of Roma beans this a. m.

How did you make the flowers?

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Stunning. THANK
for sharing!

Wow! The finished hummingbird pendant is beautiful and your
persistence is an example for all of us. Great work!

Noralie Katsu