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NEEDED: CUSTOM 10-Year Anniversary Setting

Hi all,

My brother-in-law has some diamonds he inherited from his
grandmother, and would like to have them set in a ring for my
sister as a 10-year anniversary gift.

He has the following stones:

1 x 4mm
6 x 3.25mm
8 x 1.75mm

(Sizes are estimated using a ruler. I’m not at home, and don’t
have my equipment with me.)

The 4mm and melee stones are set in an old ring that his
grandmother received as a sweet-sixteen gift. The 3.25mm stones
are loose. The shank of the old ring is 14k, and should provide
approx. 50% or less of the gold needed for the new ring.

He would like to deal with someone face-to-face. So, if any of
you is near Waterbury, CT, and would like to do the job, please
contact me. Or, if you have a friend/colleague in the area you
can recommend, please let me know also.


Tom LaRussa