Need used Oxygen Regulator etc

Hello I have a bench jeweler friend who has only been in this country
for two years from Bulgaria. He came here with very little, the
Government took over the bank and he lost most of what he had saved.
He has been working for a jewelry store for very little pay as
compared to what most speaking English would make. He is trying to
put together some equipment so he can take on custom work from home.
He has a very limited budget. I have given many extras I had laying
around, but there are other things he still needs. Most important
right now is an oxygen tank regulator. New they run on average
$80.00 does anyone have an extra laying around they can part with
for $40. inc. shipping to West Palm Beach Fla.? I will find out what
other items he needs and look on line. In Bulgaria he was a
goldsmith and teacher. He’s 63 years old and has been making jewelry
all his life. His specialty is fine filigree wire work. I’m looking
to have him make up a selection of what he can do and promote him to
jewelers in need of such expertise. If you know of any suppliers that
sell used small equipment, please let me know.

Jim Mannella

I have a used one that I’d be willing to part with for $40.00. Give
me a call 800-281-2872 ext 11. Leave a message if I’m not in.

Mike Aurelius

Try your local pawn shop, I have gotten several regulators and
complete torch sets at pawn shops.

Good Luck
Bill Wismar