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Need suggestions on selling Engraving Machine


The widow of a friend, is looking to sell one of the last (and by
his standards, most extravagant) pieces of jewelry equipment her
husbands purchased before he his health began to decline. Joe was an
amazing artist, craftsmanand a dedicated teacher. He loved to share
his fondness for Plains style Native American metal and bead work
with Scouts and young hobbyists.

The machine in question is a Pepe 157.00 engraver, purchased a
numberof years ago, and used twice. It’s in excellent condition, and
has one set of letters with it.

I don’t believe Martha wants to deal with eBay, so I offered to see
if anyone in the Orchid community would be able tooffer alternative
suggestions on where/how to sell it.

Please email me off list with any thoughts that I can pass on to

Linda in Central FL