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Need scanning service

Hi all. I am a new member and do look forward to contributing to the community. But meanwhile, I need help. I am looking for a person or company who can professionally scan our completed jewelry items and return high quality STL files. We would then load these files into Zbrush for possible modifications, and then print out on our 3D printers for casting. The scanning must be of professional quality.
Any leads will be sincerely appreciated.

Scan STLs are going to disappoint. You will have to completely remodel them.

Thanks for that.
But about a year a go we had some rings scanned by a company in London and they turned out very well, requiring very little finishing. Unfortunately, we have lost the contact information for that company. Eluxe3d in Michigan (the same company that sells the Eluxe jewelry scanner) offers scanning service to the jewelry industry, but we have not seen samples of their work. But since we have not heard from–or of–any other, we may give them a try. Any one with information on Eluxe would be appreciated.

I have worked with eLuxe for some time and it’s a great group. Good scanners too. That said, scans are going to take a lot of rework. Then again, it depends on your goals.

Thanks for that info Bob. Our goal is to eliminate the hassle of making molds and put our 3D printer to use. Nobody here, especially me, have perfected their mold cutting skills, and frankly don’t want to. Eluxe wants $159 bucks to scan a ring. We are perfectly willing to pay that, but not if a lot finishing work is going to be required, SOME is ok, but not a lot. I should also add that we have not perfected our Zbrush skills but plan to.

Bob, we are considering a test:
We will send a ring to Eluxe3d for scanning–$125. Hopefully, we will be able to do some finish work in Zbrush and print out on our 3D printer.
We will send the same ring to a professional mold maker and cutter–$25.
And see what happens.
Meanwhile, I would appreciate your thoughts (one process vs the other), and advice from anyone who might be interested.

Let us know how it goes.