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Need of smithing tools

Dear fellow Jewelers, I am an American jeweler living and working in
North Thailand in a Lisu Hill Tribe village. Lisu people are an
ancient semi-nomadic people who have come from Tibet and China to
settle in Thailand as a safe haven which is relatively secure
compared to where they come from. They are a beautiful, proud people
who live closely related to the earth and are struggling to maintain
their heritage and village life style. I am teaching several of the
people silversmithing, an art that they have lost. They are very
skillful and learn fast. We are in need of smithing tools, since I do
not have a budget to buy things and these people are with out funds.
If you have any tools that you are not using and would like to donate
them please get in touch with me by email or phone. In particular we
need sand casting equipment, this is my specialty and lends itself
very well to the culture and artistic style of the Lisu people, not
to mention the advantage of casting that does not require electricity
or a large outlay of cash. If you want references I am happy to
provide them. If you want to see pictures go to

Thanks so much for your support,
Albert Schmaedick