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[Need] Large floor standing jewelry cases

I’m in San Diego looking for two fairly large (say, 5 feet or so
long) multiple shelf jewelry cases for an upcoming exhibit. Ideally,
folks should be able to walk around each of these cases so that
jewelry is visible from all sides. if anyone has a lead for this, it
would be much appreciated, thanks

Lisa, I have used an Ikea floor standing unit. I assume you meant
"high" instead of long, if not please disregard!

It is called the Detolf if the link does not work. Hope it works for

Depending on the part of the country you are in (I’m assuming the
USA) Fortunoff’s is selling cases from their jewelry and china
departments as they go out of business. You might be able to buy a
used one at a good price.

Mary Partlan
White Branch Designs