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Need ideas for studio ventilation


I am setting up my first metals workshop. Can anyone recommend an
economical and simple system for extracting fumes. I do have a small
window near my primary work space.



Stovehood and pipe to get outside. Have to make a plywood insert for
the window. Put the hood where you need it. You can get new low end
models on sale reasonably or watch rummage sales.


Hello, I had the same issue in my basement, but for my kiln, getting
rid of the wonderful melting wax fumes. I used a bathroom fan motor
and ductwork. It’s working good and probably cost about $35 total.


I do this every summer. I travel back to a little town in So. Utah to
be part of the Utah Shakespeare Festival. I’m very lucky to be one of
two artists in residence as we would say. I never know where I will
be setting up my temporary studio. I always have at least one window
near where I finally set up. I bought a little window fan at home
depot. Even if it doesn’t fit properly, there is duct tape. The fans
are not expensive, and they can be reversed so they draw and blow out
the window. To help, I take boxes and cut them up to form a hood over
the table I set up beneath. Good old duct tape holds it all together.
This is my set up, and I’m sure others have their own versions.