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Need help removing a poly resin

Hello All, Have a customer who works with cultured marble…Got the
resin in a rope chain. He soaked it in acetone and it did not come

It’s a polyester resin with 400 micron powdered marble.

Any suggestions for removal?

Thanks up front!
Bob Staley
B.Staley, Goldsmiths
Precision Laser Welding
Toll Free 877.535.9938 or Metro Atlanta 770.382.8268

Hi Bob: If you can contact the manufacturer of the cultured marble
and get the monomer for the material you might be able to soak the
chain and disolve the “dust”. You’d have to get the undiluted
monomer. Disposal of the monomer might be a problem with the EPA,
however if you have just enough to soak the chain and then pour the
dirty monomer into some absorbent material I don"t think you’d be
running up against and “green laws”. You might also try MEK if the
mfgr refuses to help.

Mike & Dale, the ultrasonic repair guys
Lone Star Technical Service

Methylene Chloride will do it. You shouldbe able to find it a
Home Depot otr Ace Hardware. Otherwise a commercial paint stripper
will usualy contain it . Read the label.


Methylene Chloride will dissolve Epoxies & Polyesters. The
commercial product “Attack” sold to remove pearls contains some & is
likely safer to use & obtain. (It has other compounds in it to
reduce the evaporation rate for one thing.) Be aware that this
compound is one of those chlorinated hydrocarbons that depletes ozone
& is also considered as causing cancer.

Mark Chapman

Hi Bob; I would guess you could desolve the resin part with "Attack"
or similar product. The marble dust should just fall away when the
resin dissolves.

David L. Huffman

Careful using attack on mabee pearls…it will dissolve the
resin inside them… Ringman