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Need Help Injecting Wax Into Mold - Trapped Air!

Hello, I am injecting Freeman Aqua Green Wax. I am having real problems filling my molds when I inject.

It seems to be an air being trapped issue. I tried raising / lowering temperature, increasing / decreasing pressure, and even adding corn starch to the mold. Nothing has helped. This is what leads me to believe I might need a new approach to the spruing of the piece.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please see some photos attached for reference.

Kapil Jain

When you used the corn starch, I am assuming you used it in all the cuts as well as the part cavity. What pressure are you using (the high side)? I did read you varied the pressure but to what pressures. The relief cuts are long and you are going to need some pressure to push out the air. We don’t use Freeman Aqua but when we do inject, Serria Red is our primary wax (not made anymore but we have a good amount on hand). Is the hot wax thick or really rather liquid? If thick, hotter or a different wax might help. I will be interested in seeing what others write. I am not a long time injector of waxes as I have most of my experience in slush molds for bronzes pieces but I do injection for small items and some jewelry pieces.

Good luck.


I agree with the cut illustrated for the air cut. What is NOT CLEAR is where the fill is failing, is it consistent, and did the cornstarch help at all. A progressive look explained would help

Is the green wax picture an illustration of the failure?
Regards RLW

My humble suggestion is to cut lines around the inside outlining the thick square parts. Works for me. And no, they don’t need additional escape lines.
I also like the suggestion of a top escape line. Best to you

Hi Elilbitz, the cutting of the outlines definitely helped. Thanks for the suggestion.

Great news! Thank you for letting me know

So glad I could help and that you were able to make it work.