Need help finding a tool


One of my favorite and most used tools is a cutting jig/vice I
bought from Frei and Borel some years ago (pictured in their C298
catalog on page 181 item C). It is made by Bergeon. Gesswein sells
the same tool and the 2000 Karl Fischer catalog has one that looks
identical on page 95 (Nr. 4365).

Here’s the problem – It’s too small. I need a bigger one. A
freind of mine has a larger one, but it was made for him by a buddy
of his in Germany. I also saw one being used in a video that seems
to be almost twice the size of the one I bought. Mine is
approximately 48.5 mm by 51.5 mm and can accommodate 28 mm inside
the jaws and a maximum thickness of 13 mm (and that’s really
stretching it to the max).

Does someone know where I can get a larger model? I use this tool
nearly every day and I’m really tired of working around it’s
limitations. My deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks goes out to
the person who can help me locate this tool.


Hi Larry I think if you send an email to karl Fischer about the size
of the tool that you need ,they may help. your choice really comes
down to an excellent machinist who will make you one ,if you use this
tool everyday than it is well worth it ,you could also call up
Progress tools on the west cost that also specializes in these same
tools. I personally would get one made,useing the best machinist/Die
maker I can get myself in touch with

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.Atelier Babikian
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