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[Need Help] Aquamarine setting


Might there be anyone on orchid that is an expert at stone
setting. I am not, but I have gotten a commission to make some
designs for my cousin. The stones would be aquamarines, and I
have some sources to purchase the stones.

I do not know what the designs or what I will be doing yet,
because I need to do some drawings, and such.

But, I like to plan ahead… And want to know if there is anyone
who would be interested in helping me by setting the stones.

I will probably use pre fab…calibrated stones.

Also, does anyone have a good contact for nice Aquas? At least 7
or more on the color scale. I don’t want any washed out looking

Thanks… You can email me privately at

thanks M Miki Casalino CCA Creations
(I mainly do bead/pearl work)