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Need Help Applying a Bevel to a stone -- willing to pay reasonable fee

Hello, I’m just about pulling my hair out.

I make a small item in the music accessory business, and I need help in designing a jig to apply a tiny bevel (or is it bezel?) to each of my items. The material I work with cuts like stone, and I make hundreds at a time, so I need to replicate this process identically over and over. Willing to pay a reasonable price for this assistance.

I am in Los Angeles, and I want to only work one-on-one with someone local. Please, if you do not live in Southern California, do not contact me. I really need this to be a one-on-one transaction between me and one person, face-to-face. However, if you live in this general area (I’m located near Burbank), please do PM me here.

I make guitar picks. Most of are made with a standard radiused edge. Here’s one of our products.

The next two images show the bevel I’m seeking to replicate – sort of a sloping, sweeping arc. In our industry,it is referred to as a “speed bevel.”. A few examples from Dunlop Picks (the leader in our industry).

Please PM me here if interested. More info and photos available upon request. I have access to a CNC machine and a laser cutter, but because of the smallness of the item it seems that the jewelry industry is a better bet.

Sorry for my rather lengthy post. I’m a new member.

Thanks So Much,
Friendly Fred