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Need an Orchidian jeweler near Detroit MI

Our 20th anniversary is coming up, and Dear Husband has bought an
anniversary ring for me, actually a ring wrap with diamond
ornamentation. My wedding set is white gold that was rhodium plated
once upon a time. The plating is long gone (personally I like it
this way) but the new ring is plated, and wouldn’t look right with
the unplated older rings. The new ring also needs to be sized down.
The old set needs replating, probably needs the prongs on the diamond
retipped, the wedding band could use some milgrain repair if
possible, and the whole shebang needs to be soldered together.

None of this is anything I can do myself. I’d prefer to give my
business to a member of the Orchid list if possible.

Is there a jeweler out here who is in or near the "Downriver"
Detroit, Michigan area who can do all of the above? Please reply
privately to @Kathy_Johnson1. Thanks!!!

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Pet Jewelry

    Is there a jeweler out here who is in or near the "Downriver"
Detroit, Michigan area 

Hi Kathy;

I know we’ve got a couple qualified jewelers on Orchid working in
Detroit, so wait for a few replies. I’ve been to a couple web sites
of some of our Detroit based folks, and their work looked good. But
if you don’t hear from anybody, email me off forum and I’ll give you
a few names. I know a lot of good jewelers back there who’s work I
can vouch for.

David L. Huffman

We are a Creative Jeweler in Troy Michigan, located 20 min from
Detroit. Family owned for over 50 years.